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About Us

About Us

About Technology Rental

An Incredible Inventory and High Capacity Rentals:

Technology Rental has one of the largest inventories worldwide and we are available 24/7. Our stock answer is ‘Yes.’

Competitive Pricing:

Technology Rental provides competitive rates and fair, easy to understand rental terms with no hidden clauses and fees.

In-house delivery:

We have our own in-house delivery team, providing you with secure packaging, and delivery that is consistently on time, without exception. We our privileged to be a part of digital events taking place across the globe. We have an operations protocol that ensures everything is in order for the event to run smoothly.

24/7 and on-site technical support:

During the rental process, our clients benefit from 24/7 technical support, and a friendly, professional team who is experienced with just about anything event related. We also offer on-site support that includes delivery, installation and setup, troubleshooting, staff training and any ad hoc tasks required on the day.


What we Offer

Dedicated IT hire:

We have over a decade of experience in the event industry.

  • We can promise:
  • Quick responses
  • The latest technology
  • An extensive inventory
  • Highly professional technical support
  • Secure, prompt delivery
  • Installation and configuration services
Who Are We?

Technology Rental is a global IT rental firm. We supply the latest hardware, software, technical staffing and WiFi installation services. We have high quality stock available in small or large quantities for deployment within 24 hours across the globe. Our clients come first and our reputation communicates this.

Our Clients

Technology Rental works with a range of industries including banking, pharma, medical, education, non-profit and entertainment. From rural music festival locations to international government conferences, we have a team that is experienced in the requirements and protocol of each sector.

Through consistent communication, experienced technical work, and professionalism, we have built long term relationships with thousands of corporate clients around the globe.

The Technology Rental Difference

The difference is a strong team with the right attitude, the latest products and the operational and logistic support to create successful digital events.

We are that difference.

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