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Hiring the right event Wi-Fi is crucial. It’s an integral part of your success; if you lose connection, it doesn’t matter how great your equipment is, or how talented your speakers may be. Attendees want the connection and your technology will rely upon it. A successful event requires the equipment, experience and skill to achieve a secure network connection as well as back-up internet to plan for every eventuality. That’s where we come in.

Technology Rental provides professional, high-speed Wi-Fi services, industry leading equipment and network engineers who are experts in their field. We deliver Wi-Fi hot spots for stands and pop-ups, high-speed secure, event Wi-Fi hire for corporate fundraisers and conventions, hardline and remote access point installation for education trainings and satellite for outdoor festivals. We’ve got WiFi solutions for every size and scale of event, and every type of infrastructure and location.

Enterprise 4G Router
  • Provides high performance, secure cloud solutions
  • Provides high performance, secure cloud solutions
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4G LTE MiFi Router
  • MiFi Routers allow you to connect 1-7 devices to the internet at once
  • The MiFi Router needs a 4G SIM Card for up to 7 devices
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Personalised Bonded Internet Setup
  • Used for intricate set ups
  • Will allow for any sized event to have a personalised network
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Ruckus ZoneFlex R610 Indoor AP
  • Indoor Wi-Fi solution
  • Industry-leading performance and reliability
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Ruckus ZoneFlex T710 Outdoor AP
  • For outdoor Wi-Fi connections, festivals and pop-up shops
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Satellite Internet
  • Full installation services of satellite internet
  • Ideal for events in locations with limited or no internet, for areas that lack existing infrastructure and mobile events
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Point to Point & Point to Multipoint Wi-Fi
  • For events and festivals
  • Connect multiple locations to one single central location
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Peplink Enterprise Router
  • High speed and reliable
  • Highest internet connectivity
  • For small offices, training sessions and conferences
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Fibre Optic Cabling
  • Wider bandwidth and fast transmission solutions
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WiFi In A Box

An all-in-one, plug and play WiFi setup. Perfect for a range of events.

  • Provides WiFi to 100+ users concurrently.
  • Bandwidth control
  • Light and portable
  • 24/7 Remote support
  • Equipped with pull handle
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Hire Event Wi-Fi Services


We offer a variety of options that you could choose from such as Mi-Fi, Ruckus Access Points, satellite and personalized bonded internet. We create hot spots as well as offer total coverage, and we have solutions you may not have even considered, such as our WiFi in a Box. WiFi in a Box provide 100 users internet at the flip of a switch simply by plugging in a portable 10kg pelicase. It covers 40 metres and both number of users and coverage can be expanded upon request. When it comes to WiFi at events, we’ve thought of everything!

We offer an extensive range of wireless hire products which enables us to offer competitive rates on event Wi-Fi and MiFi rental solutions. Our Wi-Fi services are adaptable to larger scales, with high performance output and a powerful WLAN management system.


Why Technology Rentals?


We’ve been in the business of event technology for more than a decade. We offer technology rental at affordable pricing, have global experience and deliver both services and equipment to any location, in any country. Whatever your event, wherever its located, we have a solution.

Our customer service is available to you 24/7 and we are always happy to answer questions, discuss products, and provide you with a free quote.

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