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Make Your Outdoor Events Memorable with the Help of WiFi Rental in Dubai
July 10, 2021

Make Your Outdoor Events Memorable with the Help of WiFi Rental in Dubai

Why use WiFi at Outdoor events?

We understand how vital it is to have a stable WiFi connection with a strong signal when attending an outdoor event. It enables people to capture and share with friends certain aspects of the event that they find fascinating through social media. It also has a slew of additional advantages.

It allows us to find friends and remain in touch with them if they are at the same event, regardless of how large the audience is, or even make a Livestream of the event. That is, in part, why many outdoor event planners seek out a reputable business providing WiFi hire service.

Here are some of the scenarios and situations where outside WiFi could be useful:

  1. Open-air gatherings

To have a successful event and fulfil the demands of its guests, exhibitors, and sponsors, festivals, press and media, athletic events and conventions with an outdoor component require dependable WiFi.

  1. Wi-Fi is available throughout the venue

While the internet in the main ballroom, breakout rooms, and the trade show floor may be powerful, it may be poor or non-existent in other locations. On your smartphone, download a speed testing app and utilize it in all places where your attendees will be. Make a list of the regions that did not pass the test.

  1. Streaming video

If you intend to live stream sessions or expect people to utilize a program like Facebook Live, the venue’s internet may be overburdened. It can even bring it to a halt.

  1. Scanning of a badge or a ticket

Your team needs a means to scan guests into the system, whether you’re holding a convention or an outdoor event. Keeping this high-volume traffic off the main internet infrastructure would allow for faster scanning transactions and better service for the remaining guests.

  1. Rooms or spaces dedicated to a specific purpose.

If your event has a press, VIP, or staff section, these are excellent locations for dedicated WIFI.

Important Questions for WiFi Providers

Before you sign the contract, ask the potential provider the following questions:

  • Will you assist with pre-planning, network design, and on-site support?
  • If the Wi-Fi goes down during the event, will there be a single point of contact?
  • Are you set up to get pre-approval from customers for any modifications that aren’t covered under the contract?

If they answer yes to these questions, you’ll be one step closer to signing a contract with the best vendor.

Technology Rental For WiFi Hire

Have you decided to hire WiFi for your event?

Technology Rental is a company that provides this type of service and is one of the finest in the industry when it comes to mixing the quality of service, we facilitate reasonable pricing.

We provide a variety of event WiFi rental UAE packages, including MiFi, Wireless Access Points (WAP), satellite, hardline, and customized bonded internet, among other options. For over a decade, our Networking Engineers have been installing WiFi all over the world.

Why choose Technology Rental for WiFi rental Dubai?

It’s more important than ever to have a consistent and stable WiFi connection at your event, and we make it happen. With proper planning, your event will be well-connected, and your visitors will be comfortable and happy. Our WiFi rental Dubai team is ready to assist you with any internet-related queries to guarantee that your connection is safe, fast, and reliable.

They are experts in high-speed, secure internet, with experience ranging from providing backup WiFi to building the infrastructure in regions where it is needed. We’ve set up internet for mobile caravans and conferences on transport vehicles, as well as in isolated desert sites where no telephone lines or wires were available.

We’ve discovered that depending on bandwidth and the number of users/devices online at the same time, venue WiFi is frequently insufficient. Investigating your present WiFi capabilities and giving choices that can best meet your event requirements are all part of our event WiFi Middle East solutions.


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