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Virtual Event Platform Solutions

Virtual Event Solutions

Virtual Event Solutions

Face to Face events cannot be underestimated, but Virtual Events have become the new normal.

Companies are looking for solution in Virtual Event platforms that they can access and utlise both now and in the future.

Virtual events when executed well can become what is becoming known as the ‘virtual twin’ of live events. And we can help!

The best strategies and planning connects you with an even wider audience than ever before.

The elimination of physical barriers will help you to widen your reach.

A new wider audience is available!

What is your event strategy?

The best solution is one that is identified in advance, honed and clarified. It will enable you to build accordingly.

You can explore and refine your target audience, and think about your approach to events. Which goals and processes should you put into place, what will your approach look like?

This is where Technology Rental comes in

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Virtual Event Solutions

Virtual Event Solutions

Virtual Events Are Much More Than Just A Webinar

Successful virtual events consider production, content format, and technology. Identifying your KPIs is key so that the right strategy and tools can be identified.

1. Production Quality:
Will a professional recording enhance the experience whether it is live or pre-recorded?
5. Content Delivery and Duration:
Attention spans differ remotely; How to take into account distractions
2. Engagement Activities:
Are live polls, Q&As and chats a requirement to gather audience data and feedback?
6. Connectivity:
Will the host and/or speakers current Wi-Fi provide a consistent connection, especially for a live event?
3. On-line Venue Requirement:
Will a main plenary be enough, or do you require breakout spaces for additional sessions?
7. Accessibility:
Will an app or web-based version be needed and any specific device specifications?
4. Networking Opportunities:
When to provide networking opportunities including before, during and after your event?
8. Audience size:
Essential to consider all tools and various capacities to ensure a seamless experience.

Services We Can Help With

  • Virtual venue environments
  • Networking Platforms
  • Webcasts
  • Live Streaming
  • Quality Production
  • Webinars
  • Engagement Integration
  • Event Website and marketing
  • AI integration

At Technology Rental we can support solutions which:

  • Enhance your software solution.
  • Source a new solution to deliver a multi-day online conference.
  • Produce a live streamed event that engages your audience.
  • Create a new interactive avatar based networking platform.

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