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Virtual Event Solutions

Virtual Events Are Much More Than Just A Webinar

Successful virtual events consider production, content format, and technology. Identifying your KPIs is key so that the right strategy and tools can be identified.

1. Production Quality:
Will a professional recording enhance the experience whether it is live or pre-recorded?
5. Content Delivery and Duration:
Attention spans differ remotely; How to take into account distractions
2. Engagement Activities:
Are live polls, Q&As and chats a requirement to gather audience data and feedback?
6. Connectivity:
Will the host and/or speakers current Wi-Fi provide a consistent connection, especially for a live event?
3. On-line Venue Requirement:
Will a main plenary be enough, or do you require breakout spaces for additional sessions?
7. Accessibility:
Will an app or web-based version be needed and any specific device specifications?
4. Networking Opportunities:
When to provide networking opportunities including before, during and after your event?
8. Audience size:
Essential to consider all tools and various capacities to ensure a seamless experience.

Services We Can Help With

  • Virtual venue environments
  • Networking Platforms
  • Webcasts
  • Live Streaming
  • Quality Production
  • Webinars
  • Engagement Integration
  • Event Website and marketing
  • AI integration

At One World Rental we can support solutions which:

  • Enhance your software solution.
  • Source a new solution to deliver a multi-day online conference.
  • Produce a live streamed event that engages your audience.
  • Create a new interactive avatar based networking platform.
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