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Rent Live Streaming For Events

It takes the right technology and professional skill to live stream events. It’s important to send the right message when planning an event, and to gain exposure. Live stream to Linked In, Twitch, Periscope, You, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook live, among other platforms. Leave competitors in the dust with online-only virtual events you can sell tickets to.

Explore our Teradek Cube in a portable Chassis for IP video deployment from any arena. Utilise multi-platform streaming that enables you to deliver live video broadcasts seamlessly to more than one social platform at once. You can even record in the Cloud and add live voiceovers and translations to your streams. The choices are endless with the right technology and professionals who can instruct you on how to get started.

Teradek Cube

Cube packs world-class video quality into a rugged, portable chassis for quick IP video deployments at any location. Each encoder and decoder provides HDMI and 3G-SDI I/O, Ethernet / WiFI connectivity, and full duplex IFB.

  • HEVC (H.265) & AVC (H.264)
  • Max Resolution: 1080p60
  • Up to 30 Mbit/s

Multi-Platform Streaming

Push your live video feeds to You Tube, Linked In, Facebook Live, Instagram and IGTV, and more with Core’s multi-platform distribution. There’s no limit to the amount or type of destinations.

  • Reliably manage your Teradek devices
  • Live stream to your online audiences on multiple platforms
  • Deliver live video to broadcast hardware and software
  • Record in the Cloud

The Right Tools

Reach a wider audience by streaming to multiple platforms at one time. We can help with software options and hardware essentials to complete the picture and retain viewer engagement longer.

  • 30+ Social platforms, from giants to local gems
  • Multiple channels on a single platform
  • Add live voiceovers and translations to your streams.

Instantly Stream to Social Media Sites

Livestreaming Elements Enjoyed by All


You can livestream an event from start to finish or stream parts of the event that provide a rare behind the scenes glimpse of VIP meet and greets and before and after Q&A sessions. With the right hardware and software, your audience will receive a higher quality of streaming. Contact a member of our team who can advise you on a variety of livestreaming options that you may want to consider for your next event, or simply provide a free estimate on the equipment we offer.

Livestreaming events is on trend for delivering greater exposure and increasing ROIs at conferences, fundraisers and concerts. It conveys information about products and services in a real and engaging way, while enabling guests to enjoy and remember parts of the events that they enjoyed the most. For information about our livestreaming equipment and services, contact a member of our staff today!

We also carry a range of AV equipment, iPads, laptops and additional event technology, accessories and services to help make your next event a success!

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